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The MAP Forum stands as a beacon of collaboration and advocacy, dedicated to the holistic well-being of the sub-catchment areas surrounding the Moreleta, Apies, and Pienaars rivers within the Tshwane region. Established with a mission to elevate awareness, garner support, and foster active participation from all stakeholders, the forum serves as a pivotal platform for addressing pertinent environmental concerns.

In alignment with the Limpopo-Northwest Catchment Management Agency, the MAP Forum orchestrates synergistic partnerships with national departments, the City of Tshwane Municipality, and private sector entities. Together, they champion initiatives aimed at safeguarding the ecological integrity of the Moreleta Spruit, Apies River, Pienaars River, and their intricate network of tributaries.

Through collective action and unwavering dedication, the MAP Forum endeavors to nurture sustainable solutions for the preservation and enhancement of these vital waterways, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

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